How to play and what to do

Getting Started

To make sure you have plenty of time to find a seat and get ready for playing, it's a good idea to arrive at the club 15 minutes before the start of any session.

Buying your books is easy - you can choose to play on paper tickets or on a Bee (our electronic boards). Just ask at our Booksales counter and our friendly staff will help you with how to play and how much things cost.

Once you've sorted out your books you can try our fruit machines, play Parti-Bingo or just enjoy a great value meal from our Cafe or drinks from our Bar.

Playing and Winning

When the session starts, the caller will announce which ticket is in play and what we're playing for (one line, two lines or a full house). As the numbers are called just mark them off your ticket.

Click here to see a standard strip of six bingo tickets. With six tickets every time the caller calls a number, you'll have one to mark off - it's just the way it works!

Numbers on tickets are arranged in columns and the smaller numbers are on the left. If you have a win just raise your hand and call out 'Bingo' or 'House' or 'Here' - it doesn't matter what you say! The main thing is just to call out clearly the moment your numbers have come up, because bingo’s golden rule is that the final number called has to be on the winning ticket.

Some games are played for a straight full house, but usually we play for one line, two lines and full house, so there's three opportunities to win prize money on every page.

One line

Two lines

Full house

When you have a claim we’ll quickly check your numbers and if your ticket’s a winner then your prize money is on it's way!

Bingo Lingo

There's no 'Legs Eleven' or 'Key to the Door' but here's some terms we often use...

Books - bingo tickets are generally sold in books which form a session. Some games are played using single tickets, such as the Link and National.

Link game - this is where we join up with other bingo clubs to play play for bigger prize money.

National game - played every session with an in-house prize and a National Jackpot of up to £50,000!

Electronic Bingo - play your tickets on a Bee (electronic board) just tap the screen to mark your numbers. These can be more expensive as you can play more tickets at once but we have a choice of packages to suit every budget. They're very easy to use but just don't forget to shout when the time comes!

Parti-Bingo - is played using a plastic ‘shutter-board’ through our intervals and before our main book games. The shutter-boards and corresponding coin slots are found at every table. Parti-Bingo costs as little as 20p per game and there's also big prize money to be won on our Parti-Bingo Link games.