Playing is really easy, if you’re stuck on anything just ask one of our friendly team.

Here’s some basics. If you’re playing a paper book, each page is made up of 6 tickets and all 90 numbers are on the page. You mark off the numbers as they’re called, so listen out carefully.

They’re all arranged in vertical columns, left to right. You’ve got your single numbers followed by the tens, twenties, thirties, and so on.

First, you play for one line, then two lines (on the same ticket) and then the Full House. 3 chances to win on each game!

On an electronic Bee tablet, you play exactly the same game you just have more tickets to mark off. You can tap the screen yourself, or switch on the AUTO DAB feature and watch it play for you.

If you win, you must give us a good loud shout before the next number is called, “HOUSE”, YES”, “HERE” and “BINGO” are all okay!